Thursday, 16 December 2010

16th of December

The start of two whopping big Test matches is what made 16th of December so extra special. It was like having double cake on your birthday.

Until yesterday, Australia's share in the cake was a gooey mess, but today it looks lots more solid and better. In this post, it's onwards to the Safrican Test though, because I have to gloat.

What had we talked about so consistently before the series started? India's batsmen are usually crappy in Saffaland and Dalo and Morras have their bulldozers out already to crunch them like swooning daisies. Alright, such did happen. It feels a bit good to know predicting talk before the series came down to reality.

While I'm not going to deny the possibility of the Protea batsmen being tormented by a similar fate (it's a mean pitch, you know), the Indian batsmen did look in a clueless shambolic state. Not good when your batsmen weigh more than the bowlers in the team.

I missed most of the day, but I was there to witness Bhajji get run out in what is one of the unluckiest and satisfying ways I've seen. The rogue threatened to record his third ton, but hello, there was Boucher playing peekaboo. Through his legs, on the stumps. Bhajji dropped his bat in mere shock of the spectacle. I celebrated.

Bhajji gets a thumb up for his dismissal.

As for Lopsy, his day went in tatters. As a consolation, he ought to get the last wicket today.

That's it. Now I will go to see how Australia kick England around and later, the Saffers amass 400 runs.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Oh well Sunny, I am sure that had India won the toss, South Africa also would have been in a lot of trouble.

It was a HUGE toss to win. The weather and pitch conditions were bound to assist the side bowling first. And on Days 2 and 3, with warm and sunny conditions expected, South Africa are going to find it very much to their liking again.

But here's the catch: the weather department has predicted rainfall on Day 4 and thunderstorms on Day 5. And they have got most of their predictions right.

So South Africa will need to find a way to finish this match off in less than 3 days. Otherwise, we go to Durban at 0-0.

Som said...

The Ashes and Ind-SA series seen together, bowlers -- make it pacers -- seem to be out to avenge their regular T2- humiliation!

sunny said...

I won't deny what you've said Sridhar.
But looking at what score the Saffers placed on the cards on Day 2, one does question the lack of good batting on display by the Indians. It was more than just the pitch.
I seriously hope the rain doesn't come to spoil all.

Aah yes, it's brilliant to see some quality bowling simultaneously, Som. Finally something else than tedious batsmen games.