Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Current Ashes Show for the Aussies

Australia lost. And they're lost about selection.

Ricky clearly doesn't like it.

The Aussie press didn't like it any more, so they've gone off to their fat files of lambasting articles which they of course had already prepared before the Ashes started.
Boy, were they furious. Just look at the headers:

"The Ashes? Forget it-this side would be lucky to beat Bangladesh"

"Australian cricket has become a product of rampant self-indulgence"

"Let's rearrange the deckchairs in the Australian team",

.....and on, and on. Just can't put my head in all of them.

It's understandable that one does indeed want to play the role of a little whinger when witnessing a performance as abysmal as Australia's, but more important than this, there's the team itself. Yes, the Aussie team combination, the question of whether tiny Hughes or Khawaja opens, whether they realise North isn't a cent worth, and whether they should pick Warne or Hauritz.

Just damn that last question, how it even became a question is ridiculous. As if the current Aussie team doesn't feel demoralised enough already.

About the second speculation the news doesn't seem positive, as this is what Ricky's got to say:
"He'll be a bit disappointed with his week's work here.I still believe that he's got great value to the team."

Ricky, may you please elaborate what value? Because I can honestly assure you he'd bring greater value as runner boy for drinks. Just give it a try.

And before academic books drag me away (they're true criminals), I have to say it's time they picked Nate again and actually persisted with him for a while. Not some other spinner picked out of obscurity, please.

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