Monday, 13 December 2010

They've put Hauritz on the Streets

That selectors are barbarians we all know already. But that they are capable of putting a former international Test player out of his house is a new revelation.

Yes people, this is news enough to make you spew your heart out: Nathan Hauritz, Australia's former legspinner, was seen SELLING Test cricket gear in front of a cardboard box before his apartment.
Now doesn't that conjure up a a woeful picture of poor Nate sitting in front of his home with a few rags on and selling his belongings for survival? Is there no compassion then left in the world?

In the meanwhile, Australia are having a good time with their Beer. Well, an anxious time more accurately, but in the interim Warnie is having a real good time by embarking on another controversial affair. Screw the villain, he didn't even bother to get Nate back in the squad.

I've told you the story, to act is upto you now. At least buy Nate a nice Christmas gift.

See, he's already packed his luggage. Poor boy.


Laura said...

Oh, poor Hauritz!

I just want to hug him and share my epic cupcakes with him. It's not fair, I think Hauritz would make a better spinner than Doherty or Beer, mainly because he has EXPERIENCE in Test matches.

Damn the selectors. They're evil, conniving little bitches. :(

sunny said...

Hello Laura,

I propose you send him a big box of cupcakes as a Christmas gift. Now that'd cheer him up.

The selectors are just seeing how many Aussie spinners they can get insane within a few years. Poor Nate is already on the brink of it; how else would one feel seeing inexperienced newbies get the nod ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

Tis lies, all lies ...

Stani Army said...

Those are body bags of Doherty and Smith.

sunny said...

Seriously Stani?

You're on the case. Report before the 4th Test starts.