Saturday, 11 December 2010

I'm off to Australia

To become their newest spin sensation.

I have spun the ball a few occasions in my backyard, so I have experience.

I also used to be vice-captain at my school one time where I was a premium right arm medium fast swinger. That doesn't matter of course, spinners with another bowling background are able to bring more to the field.
I've also never taken a wicket as a spinner, but that doesn't matter either, the selectors will know I've been saving all my wickets for the Ashes.

Hildy, Warney and Co. also like to select an occasional oddball or one with a strange name, so they might want to get a girl in their team for a change.

All what is left to do is to get free tickets to Australia and the notice of the selectors. For the first task I will indeed pretend to be a naive Belg with a cricket twitter handle and for the latter you folks can just go around with a few banners at the next game bearing my name.

If Beer is eligible to play for the Ashes, then so am I.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Waiting for your first 5-for...

Som said...

A word of caution, avoid the Melborune test. England might want to continue the India-bashing there perpetrated by their hosts!

sunny said...

Sridh, are you underestimating me? I will take a tenner, nothing less.

Som, that's exactly why I'm going. I want to make a change about it. And why so miserly in posting these days sir? :(