Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Hair of Jacques Kallis: Part Two

Viewing the searches that led to this place, it seems like many of you are very concerned with what happened to the balding head of Jacques Kallis.

It's not a mystery, Jakes just got inspired by Doug the Rug and rumour has it that the mop he boasts is of Russian heritage. No kidding there, the Russians have excellent hair in store.
Moreover, we already know the hair is capable of getting one double tons and makes one ram cars in the neighbour's gates.
That's some strong stuff he's got on his head.

Yes, that's all very interesting, but I seriously believe he could have styled his hair better. We all know Jakes is a horrible dresser, but that doesn't make up for the nightmare he has put me in with his horror of a hair-do. He currently gives me the image of being this:

Plainly nauseating. Like a simpson with an overly bad hair-day.

Personally, I feel Jakes should have gone with this:

As for some creepy, unknown reason, he reminds me exactly of such an old-fashioned Brit.
And he would look an amusement in white stockings.


Stani Army said...

Oi, what's wrong with old fashioned Brits?

I didn't even know about the Russian link with the hair. How bloody good am I Sunny? Tell me, be honest.

Purna said...

Haha. That DOES suit him very well doesn't it?

sunny said...

Nothing, I just find them to be eccentric and funny. Now you aren't an old-fashioned Brit, are you Stani?

Uhm, you're quite good to be honest. So good I've grown really suspicious.

You're confusing me Pu. Are you talking about his rug or the wig?