Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ricky Ponting's 36th Birthday

Can we talk of another strange coincidence? Better not, because the reasons of Australia winning were too clear.

For the first time in the series they could do something better than looking like clueless chickens being chased by English greyhounds. For the first time in the series, two Aussie bowlers were everything apart from crap and took 18 wickets between them. And not for the first time in the series the Huss batted to save a few Aussie lives.

In the meanwhile, the English batsmen were rubbish, and it was incomprehensible some people were already labeling their South African born players to be destined saviours of the game and complete the run chase. Ha, never. Saffers who play for SA can do a Perth, not the others. At least that's a fate I hope they're doomed to in my mean, Saffa-oriented mind.

So now all Aussie fans are happy happy, but to be honest, I'd have a few concerns. Both Hilfy and Siddle Widdle got only one wicket in the match, and if Mitch has a nightmare Test again, Australia might have bowler trouble again.

And oh yeah, the batting. The Huss is nearing his pension, so Ricky and the rest better get moving to earn theirs.


Anonymous said...

England were basically defeated by a four-man army (Watson Hussey Johnson Harris)....As you said, if the others don't pick up, this match will turn out to be an aberration

Anonymous said...

Aaah, yes we both turn 36 within days of each other, me and the Punt. Nice birthday present, pity he couldn't be more a part of it.

sunny said...

The four man army thing isn't going to work all the time, and it's crucial the players in the middle order did better and either Siddle or Hilfy can be of more assistance.

Happy birthday Sid if it is one of these days. Consider that Test win to be a present for yourself too.

Stani Army said...

It's ok.

If you look at the victorious teams in most cricket games then it is only about 4-5 players performing anyway. The concern is that because these same 4-5 may not be able to reproduce (their form, not children) then will someone else step up to the plate?

sunny said...

True Stani, and the problem with Oz is exactly that there are plenty of non-performers at the moment in their side. Huss just needs to get out of form and it's stumble day.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, I always say a Perth test (Perth is my home town in case you were unaware) that starts on my birthday, as this one did, is good luck to us.

Amazing how often that works.