Monday, 6 December 2010

Australia's Mounting Misery

It's one of those times of the year when exams are around. They're niggardly scoundrels, I'm telling you.

They can't however provide me the relief of staying oblivious of what shambolic hotchpotch show the Aussies are currently staging in Brisbane.

I can already hear it gurgling and boiling disgustingly.

Stir...stir....Dougie hair...sizzle Siddle....Ricky spit....prrrrtttt....bloOp.

I hope you get the idea of disgusting now.

But sometimes one needs to play the role of a goofy optimist, which is EXACTLY what I'm going to do. The Huss will break Brian Lara's record. North will pinch Sachin's bat, score a hundred and never be dropped from the side. (Wait, that isn't optimistic, but Australia have driven me to the extent of making such predictions, strangle THEM if you want).
And on the last day Warnie will jump out of the commentary box and bowl out the Poms.

That's how crooked Nostradamus Nutjob predictions are. They're crooked, but nice. Nice is nice.


Stani Army said...

Can't see it changing Sunny. They just don't have a bowler who looks like taking a wicket and their batsmen are failing. They'd be lucky to scrape another draw.

sunny said...

It didn't change for this match indeed. Having no good bowlers in a 'Test' series as important as the Ashes can be a real headache, isn't it Stani? The bowling standards are really falling low these days.