Wednesday, 29 December 2010

RIP Aussie cricket

Today we're standing out with our umbrellas in the rain to mourn the death of Aussie cricket.

Though in coma since quite a while, only briefly resurrected in Perth, Aussie cricket is now utterly stomped to death. Not even the toenails survive.

Which is why I thought it apt to edit a picture Aussie media published two years back when the Saffers proudly started the coma.

May God forgive them for their sins.

Amen and cry.

Ps: word on the Saffer-India test later. It's even a sadder story, need time to cope with it.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Sorry for your loss, Sunny! But I'm way too happy right now to mourn...

sunny said...

I don't begrudge your win Sridh, so go do a victory dance.
I'll do mine after the CT test.