Sunday, 2 January 2011

CT Test 1st Day: Biff and Zak are BFFs

Nice score on the board by the end of the day, 234/4 looks reasonable, and again we have much to thank the man with the mop for it.

But wait, before we proceed there's something which needs to be addressed. Boofus Biff got out on 6 lbwued by Zaheer Khan. AGAIN. It's as if Biff has decided it's an inevitable process doomed to be repeated till eternity.

It's understandable that some bowlers have their bunnies, but Smith under no cirmumstances looks like one, hence it's ridiculous to call him one. Bunnies might get offended also.

Therefore, I think it'd better to say Biff and Zak are BFFs, oh entirely, they're always after each other. Surprisingly, Biff is often the more generous friend. He doesn't even try to play Zak well, saying before the series he doesn't make a special plan for facing him.
That's something only the genius of Biff can decide- when being crap at something you just continue with it until you've reached bottom level. And then you can't get any worse.

Among other big news, MSD finally, finally won a toss before preparing to enter another toss drought. At least he's making improvements compared to Biff.

Sree also took two wickets today. When Sree takes wickets, I feel it's time he got devoured to piranhas, particularly when he only has to take them against South Africa.

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