Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dale Steyn Wants to Eat Somebody

More precisely, whenever Dale Steyn takes a wicket, he feels like charging at an invisible somebody, pummel the somebody's head into the ribcage, rip ferociously away at the limbs and then devour everything raw.
In the meanwhile, the rest of the Saffers always seem to be about the painstaking job of trying to contain him.

I like it. It's what fast bowlers should be like I suppose, carnivorous King Kongs ready to torment uneasy batsmen.
Not that this is all though. Dale can make cricket balls dance pirouettes through his swing and now even boasts a tattoo on his left arm for hardihood. Bet he got that from Mitch Johnson.

The importance of a celebration where one goes berserk is also conveyed by looking at how the rest of the Saffers do it. None of them are as good as Dale Steyn because they don't know how an epic screamlord celebration works.

Morne simply goes like "Ho-hum, I just took a wicket and this feels good."

Tsotsobe's thing is just appalling. He makes the rest around him sing cheesy lyrics of praise.

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