Friday, 28 January 2011

Save Afridi

The PCB, being the incumbent plonkers that they are, have set one unlikely campaign of saving Captain Crackpot going. It sits like this. The PCB basically got overwhelmed by the 7 in a row fifties of the man who's never learned to play a paddlescoop his entire life and are contemplating whether this Test skippie might do better than Afridi in the World Cup.

I'm quite interested in knowing where PCB storehouse of lunacy is located. For fun I'd squander it among the less privileged, wise people on earth.

But what was I saying, the PCB are massive idiots for what they're doing, even though them being so idiotic in gigantic proportions is not a novelty so I need to tell myself to get used to it. But I think I can't because Afridi has been groomed for ODI captain since more than a year, has actually done well, and above all, actually tried to take his batting a bit more seriously. Despite him being psychotic, he remains the best ODI captain option.

Misbah-ul-Haq isn't even a permanent ODI fixture, and added to this he's just captained for a morsel of Tests, so even thinking about it is bollocks.

I was overwhelmed to know our favourite Potato captain Inzi had something to say about this and it bloody does make good sense. Though I have to say these Stani players have a thing for fights and squabbles; drilling away like mad at the small fissure only the delay of naming a captain has caused.


It's time the PCB got their crap right.

This post was supposed to be published 3 days ago, but it wasn't to be because of some bloody annoying internet complications which have not finished as yet.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Inzamam seems to be making more sense after his retirement than he did when he played the game!

straight point said...

i don't know on what basis afridi's place is given even in an odi...

his batting is pathetic...

his bowling is slightly better than being pathetic...

Suhas said...

Apparently the idea behind not naming a captain for the world cup, was to give Afridi a wakeup call and force him to get his batting sorted out? Still wouldn't defend the logic though..

This makes for a fascinating series if the rain stays away. With Pakistan being dysfunctional as usual and NZ insisting on changing their first winning combintaion in a while..

Wasim said...

PCB's management is lunatic but Pakistani cricket fans are not by any means less lunatic.

Seven fifties in a row show that the man has the grit to lead from the front unlike Afridi who is quick to accuse his own team mates after every loss in every post match interview but never takes the blame on himself. Afridi doesn't know the difference between aggression and stupidity.

Misbah might have not mastered the paddle scoop but has Afridi learned to bat according to the situation in last 15 years. Many of our recent losses can be just blamed on his senseless batting.

I do agree with you that it's too late to change the captain at this stage, but I don't think Afridi deserves this blind support.

sunny said...

Oh, he had sense alright. He wouldn't have been Pakistan's last established captain otherwise, would he? But his post-match interviews, yes, those weren't entirely full of sense always.

Afridi isn't that bad in ODIs I think SP, and his bowling is quite okay actually. Him making such a consistent career for himself surprises me too actually, but I think he's too often selected for what he might do, not what he does (and which I'd admit is wrong). But right now opting for a differenct captain doesn't look very sensible.

sunny said...

Hello Wasim, I agree with what you've got to say about Afridi and honestly, I'm not a fan of this man myself. I don't want to show any particular support for him, it's just that the PCB trying to change captains at this stage baffles me.

Misbah is a sensible player but I'd not have him in my team for ODIs, and merely making him captain based on his Test performances won't do, particularly before a World Cup. It's simply too late.
It'd be good sense that based on both of their performances in the WC Pakistan decides which captain will do.

sunny said...

Wake up call, Suhas? Could be, but those have never actually worked for Afridi. ;)

1-1 already, this could turn out to be really interesting.