Friday, 14 January 2011

Yousuf Kicked Out

The wording might seem a bit harsh, but that's how I'd feel if I were MoYo.
For goodness' sake, the Stanis are so out of their bloody minds to not play their bearded uncle, and I'm serious about this.

You even won't want to consider why they're doing this. "Oh yes, because he was the epitome of ODI batting crappiness this year, averaging only a teeny-weeny 17 something, you say. I don't take that. Out of all the Stani batsmen, only three appear in the top scorer list of Cricinfo and none of them average above 35.

And if you want to forgive Uncle MoYo and fight his case, just like me, I'll go ahead and say 9 of his 10 games were played on either Australian or English pitches, and as everyone knows, that's where batting averages go all awry. In addition to this, it was like getting your butt cooked in Baba Yaga's cauldron for Pakistan in Australia, and with MoYo the captain there, nothing helped him much. 2009 was pretty piss poor for him too, but the years before he was awesome and there's no reason why he could not return to his season of awesomeness very soon. Just look at what Mussey did.

Apparently, he won't even play in the WC now. That's just an atrocity because Uncle MoYo is like a mentor, a calmness providing winged guardian, so having him out of the way is probably what a few Stanis like.  It's punch party for them when MoYo is away.

Among other squad news, Misbah returns to eliminate Pakistan from the WC with his scoops and Kamran Akmal is back to spread some mischief.
It's time all you Stani fans out there started praying.

MoYo is going to slay all you scoundrels who oppose him

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