Monday, 10 January 2011

Shahrukh Khan takes over South Africa

In what marked an important event yesterday, King Khan descended with his Bollywood troops in the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban to mark the entrance of Indians in the country since 150 years. It's important, we wouldn't have Hashim Amla playing for South Africa otherwise.

The whole concert and party thing was remarkably and confusingly big, so unless you have an incessant desire to cheer yourself up by some bash and noise, it doesn't make sense. Either this, or there's something fishy going on.

To lengthen the plot, I'll go with the latter.

Right, there is something fishy going on, and apparently it's to do with Evil Shah 'Rookh' Khan trying to take over South Africa.
Before your little King Khan fan guts start seething, allow me to present the proof.

First of all, Evil Shah Rookh Khan has bought our national hero Woogie Haircules for his KKR team and will automatically swing countless Saffers in his support that way.

Then, all was confirmed in the Bollywood concert we had yesterday after the Durbs game.

He started with an enthralling speech on the love between these two countries till it made the spectators' hearts bloom with euphoria and sentiment.

Then he encouraginly called JP by his side and learned him a few sledges in Hindi, to assault Sreesanth with.

Rusty slowly started losing his mind...

But the worst was yet to come. Poor naive Saffer cricketers were made to wear shiny belts and dance. Evil Shah Rookh Khan took great care to not wear one himself. Just look at the spectacle they made.

The villain was quite successful in the scheme considering the indoctrinated Saffers tweeted praises as soon as they could.

There's some other awful news too. AB learned from Shah Rookh Khan to sing in Hindi, and he sang Yeh Dosti. Friendship lyrics that are, how very very cunning.

Clearly SRK mistook AB's eyes for his ears.

Considering King Khan was able to cope with AB singing, we might be in for more atrocity. Don't choke yourself on popcorn when you see our popstar singing in one of the Khan's movies. He's AB and they'll just let him do about anything.

And before I forget, even our legend Ntini wasn't spared from the Khan's clutches.

That's a political handshake where one clearly means business. Run, Mackie, run.


Tifosi Guy said...

So did you manage to catch any of the concert, and if you did - did you enjoy it :-D

Going by your post , hard to say if you are miffed with what SRK did ( you would be one among millions :D) or if you are now one of his fans ( again one among millions - boo !!)

sunny said...

Nah, I couldn't. Seems like no one apart from me was interested.

What do you mean hard to conclude? I'm depicting SRK as an evil monster, so of course I'm miffed. Anyone who wrongs the Saffers I'll be against. So ':D' for me.