Thursday, 20 January 2011

Why I Wouldn't Touch the WC Trophy

Because a whole army of germs is living on it. And when it comes to germs, I'm as paranoid as Howard Hughes.


Tifosi Guy said...

U can bet your bottom dollar the Proteas team will take all the germs and more if they can lay their hands on the trophy :-D

sunny said...

If our Saffers touch this, the next CWC champions will get the choker germs (even though I don't believe in those).

And then we'll be the best team on earth. I like the idea.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, if Australia can pull off another win I'd kiss that bloody thing. Of course, I can say that - it being pretty unlikely and all.

sunny said...

Unlikely? I won't say so Sid. Aus is one team I would never rule out and their wins agains the Poms shows all too well they're not going to let themselves be kicked around that easily. I actually had a conversation with someone else the other day who said Aus is going to be more resilient now that they're not on top of the world.
But I hope you won't have to kiss it. The Aussies have had their share of World cups. ;)