Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tsotsobe is a Chocolate Hero

Yesterday showed there are no ODI monsters in Durbs for the Saffers, so that's one thing I can be relieved about. Not that I believe in any monster save Twatto.

The Indians were like wobbly playdough on the field but didn't get much help from losing the toss either. Dhoni really sticks to the basics and winning tosses is certainly something he doesn't want to make a habit.

But now we come to Tsobie winning the Mommy for his 4 wickets.
As all of you are well aware of, Tsobie is a chocolate hero. He's quite unlike the chocolate Santa Clausses I got as a kid because those were only fit to be devoured, head first. Tsobie takes wickets, gets nice bounce and is in pursuit of making SRT his bunny. And anyone who is capable of making SRT his rather cuddly bunny, should be given a trip to Jupiter for free. (I mean it in the good sense. Planets are without pollution and thus awesome to visit).

CSA has been toying with the positions and heads of several bowlers lately, namely Rusty, Parny, Tsobie and McLaren. It's demented they've left Rusty out considering what he's capable of as a death bowler but then they might've become secretly aware of Rusty's plans to take over the world. Monsters.

At least both Parny and Tsobie are being given chances, but it's really one of the two who can make it to the WC squad and chocolate hero looks better for that spot. And not because he's Makhaya Ntini's so-called successor. Because he's a friggin good bowler and he deserves to be there.

And because I love chocolate.


Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...
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Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Tsobie is the cool man! Just because he has the same complexion doesn't mean that he collects fridges as well. He's the fashion man (ask his team mates) and he always has the best shades on the noggin. Biff would give one of his meaty thighs to be just half as cool!! :D

Yo yo Tsobie Tso. Show them what you're made of!! (Choc sponge roll filled with a deadly 85% cocoa cream and topped with a double layer of ganache....)

Forgot to say that making Statchin his little bunny is the cherry on top of the cream on top of the 16 layer chocolate cake.

I should visit a bakery soon.

sunny said...

Entirely Wes, I saw a video of him of late where he was dressed up in all bling and dzing and looked indeed like a confident, cool fellow. Just what SA needs.

Between that's just bad what you did. I'm having chocolate cravings now and I have nothing in house to cure it. :(

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Haha sunny. I think it is a good cult.
BTW I found that canned fruit can ease some of the choc crave, sometimes... If you have peaches, pears, mandarins or lychees..., that would surely help!

Oh yeah today the ODI... starts in roughly 1.5 hrs. Will watch later in the afternoon. Go the Hooves!

sunny said...

Oh dear, you need to stop this, now I'm having fruit cravings and only bananas are at home. :(