Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yusuf Pathan is linked to Beastiness

With South Africa winning there comes the natural inclination of turning all beasty and talking about the six pack abs of the muscled giant our team is. Don't laugh. They will smash your nose if you will.

But then I thought of what happens when you're beasty.

I think my mamma told me once a beast then comes to fetch you.

Something like Yusuf Pathan.

Who is actually a comparatively nice monster.

And looks like this.

They'll have him replicas of him in the market soon; furry beasts to be cuddled to death. Something which I'd gladly done if he had entirely butchered and conquered my poor Saffer boys today, and he nearly had.



Leela said...

Wow... that "thing" does look like Yusuf!

Anonymous said...

a loveable beast in blue colors? you got the image right!

Anonymous said...

Leela - are you back? Where have you been ... we've missed you.

sunny said...

Hi folks,

That thing/lovable beast in blue colours is Sulley from Monsters inc and he came immediately to my mind when I thought of a nice, cuddly monster. Yusuf Pathan can be pleased.

Leela...back after a break..I'll be at your place for a check soon.