Friday, 14 January 2011

A Rare Thing

I see the Aussies won a game against the Poms. That's very good.

I also noticed a certain Aaron Finch playing well for Australia yesterday. It's a shame, I always had thought Aaron Finch was someone who played for the Kiwis, but I guess the other Aaron must have been one of the numerous name-sharers in cricket around.

Coming to the bigger shame and other name-sharer, Shane Twatto took two bloody wickets and is slowly stamping his improving reputation as a T20 bowler all in our faces. Brett Lee, on the other hand, is vastly improving in convincing the selectors it's time he didn't play anymore. It's also time he got it in his head to retire with grace.

And Cameron White, he doesn't know what he's at. Ever since Punter lost the Ashes a couple of weeks ago, the Aussie captains are doomed. Forever. That's why Pup lost the fifth game and White can't play T20 anymore.


Anonymous said...

Really? I think Cam is doing a good job. Would be nice if he could get runs as well, but he will - he's Cam White. He seems so happy to finally be given his chance, I just can't not support him.

Big dumb stupid Vic ... sorry, I just dozed off there.

But seriously, we need some confidence in our captaincy and a captain who has at least a vague notion of what to do with spinners is also going to be a plus.

sunny said...

I couldn't watch White captain because of my other occupations, but I was disappointed to see him scoring so lowly in both the games. This all of a sudden led me to be overcome by the thought there's might be a problem captaining the Aussies these days.

But otherwise, I'm pleased he has the job. It's a good thing Pup gave up on the T20 job and realised he wasn't much worth at it.