Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bhajji getting vicious

The match-fixing thing has enraged more than many, but Bhajji is filled with much vehemence in particular for bookies. So much actually that he is now issuing statements that brim with anger and tells you how the miscreants should be treated.

“I will slap any bookie who will come near me, big time.”

Slapping, as you all know is a specialty for Bhajji. And the cunning nuisance himself knows it; don’t you see the grimace in that phrase? ‘Haha, that really hurt you poor little Sree, didn’t it? Of course it did, you ran sobbing to Miss Preety, you little whinger. And now the whole world is scared of my slapping abilities thanks to your tears.’

That Bhajji has savage feelings for the bookies doesn’t concern me much, but apparently he is as violent towards his critics. Even more probably:

“I will cut off those fingers.”

I should lock my doors. What if Bhajji sees any of my criticism and gets it in his head to sneak in my house and cut my fingers? Will I still be able to write then?

I’d better make sure Mumbai keeps him involved by having him play for them. And give him some counselling too because Bhajji is getting dangerous. So dangerous we might need to hang posters around like these to warn unsuspecting people:

WARNING: Bhajji becomes Bluebeard!


Stani Army said...

It's ok though Sunny, you can get this speech recognition software where you speak and it types for you. What's Harbhajan gonna do then eh?

God I hate that guy.

Shridhar Jaju said...

He will chop off the tongue then! Sunny, you better say that your password was hacked and some anti-Bhajji activists posted this blog.

Stani Army said...

Blame me! I can take it. See, the things I do for you...now that you're in my good books after this new found respect (she threatened me everyone).

sunny said...

Stani, I hate him too.

Sadly it won't work Sridhar. But wait, if he does read my blog I can complain to the BCCI about what he spends his time doing instead of practising in the nets. He'll be dropped that way, hahaaa.

Stani, I'm good. I take the responsibility for what I do. And where or when did I threaten you? Are you so easily scared?

Stani Army said...

...not giving me waffles counts as a threat in my book. Stingy.

sunny said...

A threat? That could be miserliness on my part but not a menace. Try using your dictionary at times.

Stani Army said...

Yeh, threatening to be miserly! :P

Want my dictionary?