Monday, 13 September 2010

A jolly good match

Yes it was, despite the very obnoxious fact that England won, Strauss the Ostrich made 126 runs and the English are now the no. 2 team in the world. I’m still figuring out how I have to swallow that latter bit of news: “England the no. 2 team in the world.” Gulps. That just doesn’t seem to be logical.

On to the match. The Stani openers did so well that it didn’t seem to be logical either, but it was the kind of absurdity I liked. And Kakmal is on a mission to save his career. The bastard. He knows we all want him kicked out so he’s now trying to become Pakistan’s best batsman. Alas he doesn’t know that him batting well is very suspicious behaviour too and we might speculate he’s into some dark fixing business. Watch out, Akmal.

This Shafiq guy is really impressive and MoYo is being his usual old good self again. Among the Stani batsmen potty screwball Captain Shahid is the only one who requires a spanking as his igniting fuel supply is plummeting since the past four games and I want him to play a real Boom Boom innings; not a small cracker game. Enough to set the town on fire. Not literally, of course.

See how scared Davies is at seeing MoYo baring his teeth. Get him MoYo, get him.

Other than that did you see Broady’s economy rate? It was ABOVE 8. I know he got 4 wickets too, but that doesn’t count here. He got hammered around for 13 boundaries and it was the first thing that conjured a malicious grimace on my face when seeing the scorecard. That was nice of you Broady, it really was.

You can't hide the tears Stuey.

Best thing about the match was that it was actually absorbing. I’m here to rub this in the face of all ODI haters. Yeah, take that, ODI is still jumping and frolicking around and people still love him. The other good thing was that the Stanis were competitive and we need them to be after that fiasco.

Oh, and don’t say the Stanis have earned any momentum now. They never do, and as I’ve said before they have been known to conjure it up when there was none, and also have been known to squander it when the momentum was falling out of their pockets. They love to keep you guessing.

And one question: Where the Hell is Kieswetter?


Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

"And one question: Where the Hell is Kieswetter?"

Yeah go on, rub it in *wahhhhhh*

Stani Army said...

Ever since Sid admitted to liking Kakmal, he seems to have upped his game. Love can do that to you.

Cheesegrater was a pointless experiment. They could have just persisted with Matt Prior who is ten times the batsman and keeper Cheesegrater is. They nudged him out and now they've got this pee-wee Davies who is dodgy outside the off stump and has been very lucky in his two innings so far. He's a good keeper though.

sunny said...

I genuinely don't know Wes! Is he out due to injury or something? He had done pretty well so far I think.

Stani, is Akmal then hypersensitive too?
Kieswetter is still a good batsmen I think. What I can't comprehend is why the Poms insist on changing keepers so often. They even had another bloke a while ago, can't recall his name. Maybe Timmy or something.

Stani Army said...

Timmy?...from Timmy Time? He's a baby lamb Sunny.

Suhas said...

The 'Timmy' you're referring to might be Tim Ambrose? He hit um..a matchwinning century against NZ in the Wellington test a couple of years ago, so reason enough for me to want to forget him!

Yeah the wicketkeeper's slot seems to be a game of musical chairs, doesn't it? thought the selectors would have settled for either Prior or Kieswetter by now. Good for Davies, but let's see if he lasts long enough to make the world cup.

sunny said...

Stani, what's Timmy Time? Is that a series for toddlers you watch on the telly?

Bingo Suhas! See, I knew it had something to do with Tim. Wait, he hit a century against the Kiwis you're saying. That's evil and now he's been repaid for that.

I think they'll be having another wicky soon. I just hope it won't be another Saffie but it looks possible considering how many blokes with potential aren't being given a crack at international level there.