Saturday, 18 September 2010

Random Post

Okay, in case you didn't note, I've finally added the About page to the blog. It's quite lengthy I'm warning you but then I've never been particularly famous for my brevity.

I've also added the subscription widgets so if you're interested you can subscribe.

Oh, and you might see the desing occasionally changing here. I love change and I get easily bored by the same colours and design. It'd be right if you got bored easily too.

That's all.


Stani Army said...

I still think you're some unshaven fat bloke sitting at a PC somewhere preying on innocent boys like me. I'm on to you 'Sunny'.

Putch? How about Dani?

sunny said...

If you think so, why do you then regularly interact with this unshaven fat bloke? Be careful Stani, be careful...

Nah, Putch is better. Dani is more like a name and it's your suggestion so I won't take it.