Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Say Hello to South Africa

No not you, the CLT20 teams.
Frankly I’m going to watch this tournament with little attention because my teams didn’t made it, and also because if I’m to survive the IPL next year without getting a T20 hangover, I need to skip this.

I did have a wee look though at those arriving and there are a few surprises.
Like the Mumbai Indians who seem to have brought a grown up Bieber version with them who pouts like he’s smelled Bhajji’s socks after a game.

                                                            Hey, can you sing?

The Wayamba Elevens have brought a creepy guy with them who can give a malevolent stare. Clearly they seated him in some broken economy class chair while the rest snored away in business class beds.

 "They didn't even offer me anchovies for dinner, the bastards."

Then there's this poster about the CLT20 which looks fierily ludicrous. A kid might think it are all the bad guys of cricketers destined to Hell. And Gilly looks as though he wants to run out of the poster.

In my picture search, this unexpected one of Shane Watson popped up. It seems like it aren't good days to be an Aussie cricketer; your wife drags you to go shopping and then you have to carry all the load yourself too.

                                          Be careful Shane, you never know when there might be a bomb in those things.

Like a devoted Protea supporter and to add some relevance to the title, I have to end this with a picture of them. It is a bizarre training technique in which I am sure they put Jakes and Biff at the bottom.

Who wants to push?


Stani Army said...

To hell with the Champions League!!!

No Sunny?

Why doesn't the plank put his wallet in his pocket and then pick up the box? Doesn't he trust her?

I reckon that's Phil Hughes in the box.Don't tell anyone.

sunny said...

Shhh..not so vicious Stani. Had Delhi or the Nashua Titans being playing I actually could have bothered to watch it.

Philip Hughes in that box? Well he's certainly small enough to fit in there, but what's Watto upto then?

Stani Army said...

He's securing his opening berth for the foreseeable future. He's gonna dump Hughesey somewhere...probably in concrete, to get rid of him.