Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Butt is the solution of Pak cricket's problems: cartoon

Ijaz Butt is very concerned about the state of Pakistan cricket. So are we.

But the solution is really simple you know.


Stani Army said...

That must be a reinforced bin no? Where's the image in between? I think this is all a trick. Until you show me evidence of how you lifted that mass up, turned it upside down and deposited in that bin, I will not believe it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you just don't need too many words to describe something. Perfect Sunny.

I am with Stani though in wanting to know how he was placed in the bin. Was there a crane? Did you get a troop of burly men to help?

Is it all a ruse to get Stani excited (a perfectly viable option).

Shridhar Jaju said...

Good one, Sunny!

Now all that remains is for someone to roll that bin into the sea. Problem solved!

sunny said...

Thanks Sid. I was actually thinking to start drawing more and writing less.

How I got him in? I don't know, it happened so easily...maybe because he's only filled with air? I should try pricking him with a needle next time around.

Sridhar, if he is indeed filled with air problem won't be solved. He'll keep floating!

Stani Army said...

...roll him into the sea and cause a tsunami?

Shridhar Jaju said...

No Stani, it won't cause a tsunami!

But yes, the world will cry foul... this will be worse than oil spill!

sunny said...

Creepy. Imagine all of Butt's harmful contents leaking out into the sea and then being eaten by unaware sea animals.

Stani Army said...

...we could just tell Biff it's a soup and he'll soon have it cleaned up. It may be a bit salty because of the seawater but I have loads of mithai that someone sent me (ahem) that I can chuck in to sweeten it up. Genius eh? I knew I'd find a way to get rid of that mithai one day. Thanks guys...I should give credit to you two as well.