Monday, 20 September 2010

JP still rocked when playing for Mumbai

To the dear, lovable selectors.

It’s me JP here.
Sooo whassup! Howz life goin’?
Oops, sorry for that, it’s because of Twitter you know. Oh no, I haven’t been busy with tweeting and stuff at all, I’ve got better things to do which I actually wanted you to remind of.

Did you guys watch the Mad Men series yesterday night? It was so much better than the CLT20 match between the Mumbai Indians and RCB. But you didn’t watch that right? Don’t worry if you didn’t, I can provide you all the details.

See, first and most important thing is, we won. But we still got kicked out of the tournament. I know you folks might be thinking my innings yesterday was horrible, but it really isn’t. See, I really love SA and country is my first priority. So while I was standing there, scratching around I was really only trying to get as much time at the crease as possible. Now know that Prince wouldn’t ever do such a thing. He would just try to slog around with his amateurish skills and then get out on a duck. And so would Miller. And that new guy called Kleinveldt something who you folks want to play. Truth is, none of the bastards can bat.

So yeah, coming to my innings again, it was all for a good cause. I wanted Jakes to desperately get a wicket so the bloke gets a confidence boost because I know how crucial he is to SA. So I actually sacrificed myself. Besides, you must have noticed how that shot nearly cleared the boundary, so I can still hit sixes if I really want to. And I would have hit a dozen of them hadn’t we been eliminated because I’m in the form of my life. I seriously am.

See the class oozing out of me, the next SRT.

And did I tell you Tendulkar is giving me batting classes? He’s telling me all these secret tips and stuff which Prince, Miller and the Veldt-guy don’t know and that makes me naturally better. If you look closely at me and Tendulkar you’ll see the likeness; we’re both short and I’m sure we belong to the same class of undeniably wonderful batsmen.

So watch me in action against Pak soon!

With lots of love and my blanket,

JP Duminy (the next SRT)

PS: I’m sending highlights of my 160 score against the Aussies to remind you how good I really can be. And try to spot the likeness with SRT please.

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