Monday, 27 September 2010

The Kings butchered the Warriors

There was nothing good about yesterday's match. Nothing.

The first problem was with the Warriors name. When you're having a name like this, a name which is reminiscent of oodles of valiant gladiators, hard-nosed Spartans and other brave badasses (you do think this way if you study history), then what do you mean when collapsing like three sumo wrestlers on a pile of lego blocks. And the lego blocks transform into little hopeless midgets.
If you call yourself Warriors, then BLOODY PLAY LIKE SOME.

Then there was that utterly nonsensical shot by Davey Jacobs. Sometimes I wish players could hear some of the rare and important information commentators provide among their monotonous stating of the obvious: Spinners are going to be crucial. But no, thinks Davey, lemme play Figjam's reverse sweep and hit the ball for a BIG six. And then Ashwin gets him LBW and then the wicket parade starts. No glory for Ingram either and so they finish on 124. Another boring score for a final.

Another Warrior with no guts.

If the South African selectors had waited a while with announcing the teams, Jacobs and Ingram might have hit centuries. It's because both would have wanted that coveted post in the national team and killed each other to get that. Not literally, just through the centuries.

Now we come to the MB man; Boucher. Super crisis-enhancer. I keep reiterating of how and why I still want him in the ODI team but every time again he stomps with a dirty sneaker on those thoughts through his miserable batting. Mark, you had a chance to shine in what was probably your first final and YOU MESSED IT UP. Now you might have to cry for a while longer in Hersh's arms.

And through all of this I didn't even mention CSK. Yeah, congrats 'Super Kings', there's no doubt you've been the best of IPL teams so far and you must feel great having those two trophies. Even greater for India Cements.


Shridhar Jaju said...

CSK must have been delighted when they saw the warriors beating the Redbacks in the 2nd semi. A final against a South African outfit... the result was pre-decided!

Stani Army said...

Thank God it's finished. It has finished right? I say it's got maybe one...two more events and that's it. Just a shame Lalit isn't around to take the criticism.

sunny said...

Ah no Srid, South Africa have only been known to choke in semi finals so far. That they can choke in finals too is a new discovery.

Hey Stani, I was already wondering where you had gone off to.
Tbh, I'm glad it has finished too, can't wait for the Aus vs India and Pak vs SA series to start now. Because then we can be real enemies.

Stani Army said...

It's good to be missed :) ha!

Be real enemies? You mean you don't hate me right now? Damn, I'm losing my touch.

Hopefully they're not boring affairs on flat tracks Sunny.

sunny said...

I'm afraid I don't hate you enough right now, but don't worry, the SA vs Pak series are coming to increase the enmity.

Hmmm..Tests maybe, but even then remember that the Stanis are almost never boring. They can be awesome and horrible but almost never boring.

Stani Army said...

...yeh, but the Soufricans are so boring they may even drag the Stanis down to their level :)

(Oof, the first blow has landed :))

sunny said...

We'll see how boring things get. Pakistan can be rather boring when they collapse though. *Yawn*

Stani Army said...

Such a bad liar. Isn't that sweet.