Monday, 1 November 2010

Abdul Razzaq is the new Boom-Boom

It would rock to be Abdul Razzaq for even one bloody day. Preferably during an exam session, because answering questions would be easier than getting Chris Martin out for a duck then. If Razzaq entered your anxious soul, you would be writing answers this way:
"What's the importance of the three witches in Macbeth?"

"Dat they r 3 cool old hags who boil weird thingies in their cauldron. Just yesterday they put an armadillo with cat paws in and I bet I even saw Dougie Bollinger following. He cried like an overgrown baby. So basically this makes 'em very scary and Macbeth is all about the scary stuff you know. No big deal. But I'm sure you've already bolted your door now, isn't it so examiner? Not that I care."

It's so indifferent. And simple. 
As simple as Razzaq made hitting sixes look yesterday.
Yes, you fabulous old codger, ancient Pakistani who has survived for some bloody 15 years, annihilator of unsuspecting bowlers at the death, you deserve a free ride in the Pakistani team for another 15 years. It will be a most generous offer considering few survive less than 5 months there nowadays.

Greet the new Boom Boom with flowers and rose petals

But now we come to Albie. Oh, Albie. I thought you were meant to be the next Polly, the next Klusener (or was that Morne? They're shamelessly naming so many successors of them these days that I'm left in a muddle), but what do you do? BOWL LITTLE LOLLIPOPS. Lollipop bowlers are supposed to be sent back to domestic cricket. I hope you get that.

The best thing about yesterday's match was that it can boast of being interesting. At least ever since Afridi and then Razzaq stepped in to bat. Haha, that's a blow to the 'ODIs are so dead' campaign. Then there was also Colly Ingram scoring his second ton there, hats off to the boy; it's sad his day had to be ruined later. Equally good was that some sense can be knocked into the messed up Saffer heads; sense that they need to get their damn bowling line up right and include Rusty.

Yes, you almost forgot about him, so I'll remind you; Rusty Theron- endangered gingerhead with deathly bowling capabilities. Needs to be recalled to the team ASAP.


Stani Army said...

Just a shame that AB had to appeal for a caught behind on the 2nd last ball in an attempt to try and cheat the umpire to give Razzaq out when he didn't nick it.

I used to rate him but not now. The guy makes out as if he's some good religious boy....what a shame. But I guess we don't really know anyone do we Sunny?

He got what he deserved today though with a dodgy stumping decision. Justice...there is nothing more beautiful than justice.

sunny said...

We don't really know anyone for sure Stani. I don't know, to me the appeal looked a little odd, but I can't judge his intentions. I know some people call him a sanctimonious person, but for me he remains a top bloke for many reasons. I'm sorry, I can't hate him. :)
Today's decision was far more outrageous though I think. Sad thing is that folks will find a way now to associate corruption again with Pak cricket.