Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Jokers save ODI cricket

Yesterday, you had a bunch of insipid nutjobs trying their best to make cricket a winner. ODI cricket that is. They were entirely selfless in the job, and decided as long as the game was interesting, it didn't matter who won. It's only this way you can explain Pakistan initiating their batting shit all over again when they only required 20 from 19 and SA shamelessly dropped catches. It was like both teams having this kind of dialogue as a forum suggested:
SA: "Hey Stanis, our Amla kept us still in the game, but take the game now. Slowly."
Pak: "Ah no, after you Saffers."
SA: "We seriously don't want it..go ahead. After you, gentlemen."
Pak: "No, no after you."
SA: "Let's both mess things up then and then see who gets lucky in the end, okay?"
Pak: "Great idea. Let's do it."

And that's how this boisterous slap stick comedy started. Hash was the only one who tried to get things a bit sane, but that's because he's such a level-headed, incredible person who bloody knows how to keep a wicket and play good Samaritan for his team.
The game's biggest comedian was probably third umpire Zameer Haider who actually decided that in this age of unparalleled technology anything that looks real might not be so and thus he gave AB out. Or maybe he was confused and despite the replays was overcome by so much pompous thoughts that he didn't reverse the decision, and I didn't feel much like watching the match after this. Until it was Pakistan's turn to perform their act of course. They are gems on the stage.

Imran Farhat and Asad Shafiq were playing Test cricket which left Fawad Alam with too much of an arduous task to do than his little muscles could handle. In the end he had to resort to using fellow batsmen as support stands whenever they came in, and pretend he was narrating advice from John Buchanan's gospel to them. It didn't help though, and the Stanis lost. By bloody two runs. Johan Botha would have turned into a vampire and eaten Biff's flesh if the Saffers had lost this one.

Of course you're all forgetting the real champion; Rusty. Yes, the endangered gingerhead bowled a wonderful last over and though it was briefly interrupted by Albertus Morkel trying to revenge himself by dropping a catch (he didn't bowl once in the match), Rusty shone in the end and merrily continues his campaign of conquering the world. It's time you shook hand with him because I'm not sure how fond he is of his foes.


Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the match. The last overs nearly killed me. Cannot remember when I was that tense during a cricket match. ODI's dead is a lie. It depends on who is playing.

Yes Rusty is obviously conquering the world. Wondering when he is going to arrive in Germany. Hehe. So bloody glad they picked him instead of Langefat. About bloody time!!!

Boof was obviously missing, yes he was missing and I am not saying this for personal motives.

Botha... ahh Botha *sneufs blissfully*

Not sure for how long I can still take Albie. It is time for him to find his forever home with a loving foster family.

Morne was fantastic. I think we are getting closer to each other again but he needs to be sweaty more often.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

and Tsobie :DDD

Stani Army said...

Lost by 2 and Ajmal made a short run! What a wolly.

Am I allowed to avoid posts in which you swear?

sunny said...

It was a totally *huggable* match, wasn't it Wes? ;)
The Saffers luckily showed they aren't boring after all- another team might have taken those catches so neatly.

Yeah, I'm in particular glad for Rusty and Lopsy. The new season has started recently and they're already in with a decent chance of making it to the World Cup. *yippee!*

Haha, all those who watched the match with me were blaming Ajmal Stani. And..uhm..where did I swear? Am I not a good girl?

Stani Army said...

I hope you are, which is why I don't like it when you swear. But like we talked about before, we don't really know anyone do we? You can use the asterisk (sh*t), I wouldn't mind that. Completely up to you though. I'm just making a suggestion as a carrying fan.

bettiwettiwoo said...

I think ODI is dead. Nevertheless, there's entertainment left in the old corpse — and the blog posts it spawns — yet. :)

sunny said...

I still avoid the f-word at all costs Stani. :)

Oh betti, ODIs dead? We just had another cracker of a game on Friday. The Saffers and the Stanis are the saviours of the one-day game, they deserve to be showered with accolades. :)