Thursday, 25 November 2010

Peter Siddle has Poms on His Cake

Siddle couldn't have known he'd get 6 Pommies for his birthday. 6 bloody wickets in the first Ashes test on the first day and including a hat trick too. Even mollycoddled brats don't get birthday presents as good as these.
Not many expected it for sure, and that was just the nice thing about it. Unpredictable and nice, just like Siddle's appearance today; unfolded collar and weird facial hair. Okay, the facial hair wasn't very nice and I just hope Siddle hasn't assumed from Twilight playing the Vampire is cool these days.

It also seems my theory of teams considered superdogs before a game doing bad is being slowly verified. Which is why I'm telling you South Africa is in horrible form for the World Cup and the Indian series. Don't even think they'll do anything of note.

Lastly, though the day belonged to Siddle, the picture of of the day goes to Twatto. No one can seriously pose better as a twat than him. Don't tell me he doesn't look here like he's dancing with a punched jaw and electrocuted hair.


Shridhar Jaju said...

I wonder what Twatto would look like with a bit of facial hair growth in the lines of Mitch!?

Anonymous said...

And there's nothing wierd about that photo.

No, wait - there is. There really is. It's a weird photo, Sunny.