Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Chris Gayle didn't really deserve that Triple

For some reasons, I think Chris Gayle was not the right bloke to get a second triple ton.

See, let's say as a kid you have an old-fashioned sugar aunt who visits regularly on the first Sunday of every month. You don't like her because she's slightly old and senile, pinches your cheeks, regurgitates the pastor's sermons, wears droopy shawls and smells of some weird repugnant Parisian cologne.

Worst of all, you're expected to sit there with her all the morning like a neatly combed pup and listen to her endless prattle. Which is why you pray to God the Yeti will one day come to kidnap her, tear her into smithereens and then devour her. Yum, yum. Okay, that's disgusting, but let's agree that these are naughty bad thoughts, particularly when you consider how many gifts Aunty gives.

Ah yes, she isn't a parsimonious prick, she brings you delicious meringues, cookies and chocolates everytime she comes, yet you loathe her despite her trying to be actually nice to you. Shame on you bastard.

So basically Chris Gayle doesn't like his sugar aunt Test cricket because she isn't cool like Uncle T20, yet he shamelessly takes the many gifts she brings. Oolala, the only dude to have two triples looks cool, he says. And yet he wont love Aunty Test.

So there, he didn't really deserve it this way. The other he of course did, because he scored the runs himself.

Now try to make sense out of all of this. You should.


Som said...

Here you have a guy who says all the dirty things about Test cricket and they allow him to score a triple ton and rub it further!

Anonymous said...

Why is Gayle being pilloried for being most vocal about enjoying T20s rather than Tests, scratch the surface of any international player,they too would appear to favour the shorter version. If that wasn't true then why hasn't there been a chorus of dissaproval of T20 cricket from players? Last the subjective tone of your post only serves to betrays the political prism with which you choose to view cricket from, a real cricket fan would have appreciated a delightful innings regardless of their views about that particular player's personality

sunny said...

Just what I was thinking when it happened, Som.

Hi Anon.

I think you've provided the answer to your first question yourself. Gayle is 'most vocal' about it, whereas others aren't. There is a difference between publicly expressing your emotions and keeping them in your head, and in the former case you will undoubtedly be more likely to receive criticism. He may be right, he may be wrong, but it was inevitable that a large fraction of Test lovers wouldn't take his comments easily.

You observed the 'subjective' tone of my post, probably together with that you could have noted the entire post was not meant to be taken very seriously. I was more commenting on the irony of the person critical of Tests doing so well in it rather than begrudging him making a triple ton. Yes Anon, I actually liked it as a cricket fan, it was a pleasure to see the Windies posting such a decent score against the Sri Lankans.

Have a good day.

Stani Army said...

I like your thinking. The umpire should have given him out for no reason a run short of one of the milestones. That woulda taught him.

How much of that Aunt story is real? Come on, confess...