Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Crime of Dropping Rusty

After the fourth ODI I had intended to rattle on and on about the cricketing brilliance these two awesome sides have produced until you would have been dizzy with it. But annoyingly I wasn't able to, because I was here:

Ooh yes, and the copyrights belong to ME.

That doesn't mean I will forget about the atrocity of selection the Saffers commited in leaving Rusty to warm the bench in Friday's game. Dropping Rusty, your BEST death-bowler who actually ensured you weren't down 1-2 after the third game, can only be a result of deliberate malice and pettiness. Either this or A-grade lunacy. I hope it's not the latter, because if it is, there's no reason why we may see some crackpots seeing no harm in dropping him again for the final game.  

Rusty together with Lopsy can be the solution to the Saffers' death bowling problems, so you need to have him play every bloody game before the World Cup. That, or he may turn really sour and get purple hair for real.

So yes, choose Rusty, the endangered gingerhead who can bend his back in weird angles and has nerves of steel. No kidding there.


Stani Army said...

Theron looks like Jonty Rhodes' son.

Suhas said...

speaking of steel, the picture reminds me of Zoolander and his "blue steel" look for some reason. Though people have said that for Mitchell Johanson too..

sunny said...

Stani, I think you've just insulted Jonty. His hair was never of that bright a colour.

Mitchell Johnson a gaze of steel? I didn't really know Suhas, I'll need to have a staring competition with him one day.

Stani Army said...

I clearly meant his wife's hair (Theron's mum) was that colour