Monday, 8 November 2010

Harbhajan Singh, Spoiler of the Good

Just when you thought a Kiwi win was inevitable, an it it meagre chances of not happening seemingly rested alone on super brilliance by Waxman, Bhajji came on as unwanted saviour, scored his first maiden ton, and spoiled all the good fun a Blackap win would have brought.
The heartless bastard.

That he has been one big unbearable baddie since he invaded cricket is a well known thing, but meanness to the Kiwis is more unacceptable than Ramiz Raja's haircut.

And on top of it, the Indian selectors won't ever drop him now, probably. He may have been bowling rubbish, but with his ton he has indoctrinated folks enough for another 5 years that he is India's most recently discovered awesome batting sensation, while he clearly isn't. Time to throw the guy out.


Stani Army said...

...and I thought it wasn't possible for me to hate this guy any more. Wrong, damn.

Is that b-word better than a f-word?

Anonymous said...

The Kiwis didn't win. My world makes sense again.

cheers, Sunny.

sunny said...

You stopped hating him then Stani? Now you see how unsensible that was to do.
Of course it is. You don't really read a dictionary, do you Stani?
Bloody means just a gory red liquid that would come out if I punched Bhajji's nose really hard.

I thought a world which didn't make sense for a while would actually be cool Sid.