Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Ashes is Alive

In the form of a lady in America who is a babysitter and has a twitter handle @theashes. Strange, no? Yes, strange it is indeed.

It gets even stranger when you know she doesn't know what cricket is. Which is a shame considering it's the vehicle she's getting all of her fame through. Vodafone and Qantas airline are already offering her a flight and tickets for FREE to Australia.
It's time I got such a cricket handle and pretend to be a naive Belg having no bloody clue what cricket is.

For your own interest, you can follow the lady in order to discover the journey of a babysitter towards the shores of cricket. And if you're a nice person, explain her what cricket and all really is. Or if you don't have time for that, explain to @MakhayaNtini what twitter is. The old bloke is having some troubles.


Stani Army said...

I'll scupper your plans by pointing them to your blog :) No free airline tickets for you missy.

Sanya - England Cricket Blog (jimmymycrushie.me) said...

lol! I wonder what made her choose that as her username. It's a pity that she has that username. Someone who is actually excited about Ashes should have had that. And why are Vodafone and Qantas being so dumb?

sunny said...

Being the evil genius Stani? I'll have my blog removed before I start with the plan though.
Btw, you should be pleased if I get to India for the World Cup. I'll get you free mithai then.

Hi Sanya, I read her boyfriend gave it as a nickname to her. I find it rather amusing and good it has happened so, we're having an American now in our family of cricket supporters. And Americans are difficult to get into cricket.