Friday, 26 November 2010

Ricky Ponting doesn't want his Job

Out for a 10. And that too on a ball which wasn't outstanding.
Makes you think whether Ricky is too keen on his job or not. He himself said he'll be made the worm on a fishing rod if the Aussies get their bottoms kicked in the Ashes this time around. Alright, he didn't say that, but he believes it's going to be adieu for ever if such happens. So why Ricky didn't you score as much as the Huss did? Why did you have the countenance of a grumpy toad when North got out? (come on, own up you knew all the way he was going to be his usual rubbish self. Until the last innings of the last Test arrives of course.)

I haven't even got to Clarke then. Another bloke who doesn't want the captaincy it seems. It might be back trouble, but Pup since a long while hasn't looked vicious at all. But I don't exactly blame the guy for it, he's unconsciously internalised the role of a puppy now and there's not much one can do about that.

Contrary to much of the crappy batting described until now, the Huss was party swinging at the Gabba and together with Katich and Houdini Hads given Australia a goodish kind of score. Now here's a guy who really wants to have a place in the team, hurray!

The Poms won't be pleased, but if the Huss goes early in the morning things might cheer up for them a bit. And then we'll have Finn jumping 6 feet in the air again.

The picture of the day belongs to him, by the way.
And my word, if you half close your eyes you'll see he looks a bit like a mystic fellow with legs half the lenght they should be. And shoe prints stamped on his bottom.


Anonymous said...

It does feel a bit like Punter has just given it up, but I hope not. Maybe he wants him place in history as the least successful Aussie Ashes captain ever? He is that arrogant.

I love that picture - it really does look like a little person who has been kicked up the arse a couple of times. That's some quality pants bleaching, there, Mrs Anderson!

Anonymous said...

"him" place in history?

Oh good lord. I'm cold ok?

sunny said...

Oh Sid, I just hope he doesn't give up. Ricky, I may not like him but he's such an amusement.
And don't worry, I don't really mind typos. :)