Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Afridi's ears

Of course you already knew Afridi is something of a cranky screwball.
Whatever he is, he isn’t exactly normal. Sanity and Afridi are an oxymoron.
Today looking through Cricinfo’s front page, I came across this quote:
" Allah has given me two ears: I hear with one and throw it out with the other. Whatever happens on the ground, we will know soon."

"See, I told you guys I'm human; I've got two ears!"

And this was in response to Ponting saying he’ll have Afridi sorted out pretty quickly.
What Ponting said was obviously not smart. It doesn’t make sense. Because Afridi is cricket’s colour-changing chameleon, a fluctuating wonder, an undecipherable creature whose brains will be up for auction one day at America’s Psychological Research Centre. You can’t deal with him because there is no one way. You just have to be patient and hope for the best.

Coming to what Afridi said, the first part tells something common. Unless you’ve had a bloody fight with a vicious neighbour cat I doubt whether there are many ways in which you can be one-eared. But the second part is interesting; it reveals Afridi uses one ear as a receiver, in his head there is a funnel which acts as a passage, and the other ear is a hose’s end. It means Afridi used to be a disobedient little tyke as a child and any kind of vocal harassment doesn’t work with him. He is a bloke who lives in the present and free from outside forces.

And when you’re playing Australia with a team like his, it can’t be a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

Yes, logic does make one want to point out to Afridi that Ponting also has two ears ... but logic and Afridi? Maybe not.

Stani Army said...

I think Aamer had Ponting sorted out pretty quick today. Ricky may as well have left his bat in the dressing room for all the use he got from it. Miss after miss.

No Sunny, the other ear has an arm attached to it in order to 'throw' things out! Get it right, this is important, you cold have biology students reading this stuff. You wouldn't wanna mislead them now would you?

sunny said...

It's like another oxymoron, Sid.

Stani Army, Ponting paid the price for being a bigmouth.
And if I wrote down Afridi having the misformed figure you described, biology students would be perplexed, might suffer from a heartattack, and Afridi would be abducted before you know by bio professors to be studied in the lab. We can permanently say goodbye to him then. :)