Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dummy Report: Stanis vs Aussies Twenny game

It might be slightly misinformed but I’m currently situated in a place where people can’t differentiate between baseball and cricket, and the telly shows neither of them. But for such folks there is Cricinfo and thus I solely could base my report on their stuff. It’s almost a tragedy, but I’ll be becoming a spectator again so I'll whine a little less.

What it was: A T20 game played by the Stanis and Aussies at Edgbaston which was supposed to be a neutral value, but became a second Staniland as thousands of greenies revenged themselves on their former colonists and invaded the English stadium.

What happened: A few played a bit of cricket; Umar and Warner did some batting, Aamer, Gul and Tait a bit of bowling and Afridi fielded. The rest just prodded around.

The Don of the Match: Jnr. Akmal. He played the kind of brilliant little knock that will give the PCB police now reason enough to abduct him again as he’s being irreverent to the Stani traditions of playing. Those green lips do reserve some wackiness though.

Lessons and Conclusions:
* The Stanis aren’t doomed by the Aussies now because they avoided an unlucky number 13-in-a-row-walloping.
* Talk of Shoaib Akhtar being back was twaddle because he bowled like a fisherman on sea in a towboat and out to catch a shark. And he got devoured himself.
* Ajmal won’t be having nightmares anymore of Hussey being out on a quest to destroy his career.
* Afridi still doesn’t know that imitating a potty umpire standing with his legs wide open won’t give him more sponsors. And someone tell him we’re sick of it.
* Clarke isn’t a T20 batsman. Someone tell the batty selectors as well.

"Hahahaaaaaaaa! Australia looked just this small before us, didn't they?"

Hiding-moments: Warner scything 5 in a row and Jnr. Akmal smacking the DJ over the park.

The no-fun thing about the match: Australia got all out in the nineteenth over and lost by 23 runs, which means it was nothing but an abridged version of a dull ODI game. Give us a thriller maaaaan.


Gen said...

ROFL at 'Clarke is not T20 material :D'

Unique :P
I thought only our selectors are blind enough to keep guys like Broom and Fulton and Martin!

sunny said...

All the selectors are like that, Gen. ;)
Clarke is a good player, but just not the T20 stuff.

Stani Army said...

To be honest with you, I think there is a place for batsmen like Clarke in t20, and more to the point, in the Aussie t20 side. He did well today by playing an uncharacteristic innings. But, even when he is playing his characteristic way, he can hold one end whilst someone goes berserk at the other. He's a good fielder and a good captain so all in all I think he can make a case for his place.

sunny said...

That's your view then Stani, but Clarke has so far failed to impress me in the T20 format. But it isn't then too important to impress in this version of cricket I guess, Tests and ODIs are a lot more worth.

Stani Army said...

Sunny, if you don't mind, would you be able to change the settings on the comment form so the 'Comment Form Placement' is to full page and the 'Who can Comment' is changed to 'Anyone'. Having a few issues commenting and had to sign in to my google account in order to do so now. Cheers

Stani Army said...

Absolutely agree with you on Tests in particular, and ODIs. I think t20 is a good place to bring in newcomers. T20 still has it's place.

Anonymous said...

Now the time has come for T20 cricket aswell to be taken seriously, similar sorta situation was with ODIs when test players used to call ODIs as rookie cricket but now there's a science involved in it.

Anyways nice blog, content is innovative and attractive, and I am blog-rolling it on my blog,

sunny said...

There, I did it Stani Army.
I'm definitely not against T20s but will never have the same value as ODIs or Tests for me :)

sunny said...

Hi there Cricsphere!
Yeah, T2Os are gradually gaining more importance, but it still gets a lower mark in assessing genuine talent, in my opinion.
Thanks for the compliment and will be checking out your place soon!