Monday, 26 July 2010

Prince Twatto Charming

There was a strange repulsive thing about Twatto, something that caused only his fairy grandmother to like him. Maybe it was because of the advertised sleek goldilocks he adorned his head with or maybe it was because of him being prince of the land of Down Down Under. Though all of this was loathsome, most agreed it was because Twatto was an accomplished face-puller, but not in the amiable way of Mr.Bean.

But there was more to that. Twatto was a broad-chested chivalric prince who proudly rode on his white steed and looked fit to slay a hundred, but the image tarnished when a foe from the Caribbean kingdom, Pirate Gaylos, said he looked big and strong but was soft within. Twatto cried. Now he would be the cowardly lion dwelling in the Land of Oz.

Twatto, however, wouldn’t break down so easily. He had the best armour made, got the sapphire-ornamented sheath and sword of the martyred Matt the Brave, and despite his fairy grandmother’s pleas, enlisted as a front-line knight. And he fought. He fought with an aura of integrated gallantry and brutality, and in fortunate times comfortably trampled his enemies.

He actually became a good warrior, but the hearts of the people of Down Down Under didn’t open for him. Maybe it was because stories went around of how he bawled when once the Chalcedony gem in his ring got scratched, of when he threw a tantrum when he missed the performance of piercing 5 throats in a row-he got 4-and then blamed another for it. Twatto even once kissed the Caribbean Pirate Gaylos out of happiness after the latter was defeated, and then with pouting lips told him it was cherry-flavoured lipstick.

For his services, Twatto was crowned Prince Twatto Charming, an occasion where he displayed an overflow of tears, and eventually married his Princess Fiona. King Rickart of Down Down Under gave his compliments, the other noblemen nodded approvingly, and Twatto went ahead with his job, fanciful and supercilious. And to the displeasure of the peaceful civilians, he lived happily ever after.

The End.

Prince Twatto Charming. "Yo ladies, wanna dance?"


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Sunny - that picture really looks like him!

sunny said...

I know hey, that's why I chose Prince Charming to be Watto's doppelganger-or actually fused them together in one image.