Thursday, 1 July 2010

Spit and Spat

The series between the Saffers and Windies gave the same doze as Hundred years of Solitude. It was one of the kind which would fade into match archives and statistics and in gratitude of it being over we all did good deeds today. However, neither Big Benn, nor Steyn, nor Roach wanted it to be devoured to oblivion, and so they protested.

Now we all know that Big Benn has got problems. He doesn’t understand why we have to listen to anyone. Neither does he understand how to stay good for a day. He doesn’t even fear Chris. But blame the commentator’s curse as well. Just when they were mumbling how Benny had turned into a good boy, Benny got a devilish streak in his head and decided to prove the ignorant numbskulls wrong. After all, he was the praying mantis waiting for a fly to buzz by.

It was a Phalaborwa fly who has wrestled with crocodiles in the past, and when Benn provoked him, he spit. It was a wrong thing to do even though he was the birthday boy, and now he’s sitting with a big man-of-the-series trophy on his lap and all his match fee gone. Not funny, Steyn.

The next day, Roach jumped on the stage, completely uninvited. He bowled a good bouncer to Jakes, and Jakes said "Good ball there". That made Roach fume. Didn’t the Jackass now it was not good but supa-friggin-awesome-ricocheting-good?
The next ball was equally good, and this time Jakes didn’t say anything, so Roach wanted him arrested, but no one would agree.

"Oh, so you don't know what supa-friggin-awesome-ricocheting-good means, eh?"

To be honest, Roach looked quite ridiculous. It was the behaviour of a silly pumped up teen who gets ready to break a nose when someone steps on his shoelace. He was trying to be a macho, but failed, in a way like showing off your arm muscles before they slump down like the wind going out of inflated balloons. Next time better luck, Roach.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Impressive writing, Sunny!

I agree that Roach's behaviour was very childish. I haven't seen the Steyn spit (except on news channels)... so can't comment on that.

I wonder what Kevin Pietersen would have done had he been batting instead of Jacques Kallis. That would have been a spectacle!

sunny said...

Thanks a lot for dropping by, Sridhar.
Yeah, the Steyn incident was even more ugly.
KP probably would have exploded and then England would be in dire need of another batting kingpin.:)

Purna said...

Roach apparently lost 50% of his match fee, but nothing seems to have happened to Benn or Kallis. I find that a bit odd seeing as Benn did provoke Dale and Kallis also said things to Roach. Hmm..

sunny said...

I wasn't too surprised about Kallis escaping, after all he seemed to be uninterested in the entire scenario, but Benn should have got punished in some way. That's why he's a bad Benny boy.

Shridhar Jaju said...

I guess Been needs to watch his steps now... the rate at which he is going, it doesn't look like the time is too far when the ICC or some Referee will have a good critical look at him...

sunny said...

They should Sridhar, but I don't mind him being an occasional troublemaker, it sparks up interest. But limitations he should know.

Ana :) said...

Benn got away unpunished? right, now I hate ICC again! :P

awesome blog girl :)

sunny said...

Yeah, but the Saffers just filed a complaint against him. And there are enough reasons to dislike the ICC all the time:P
And thanks for the compliment!
Will update you when there's more Saffer stuff.

Gen said...

This girl is still waiting for her fav topic!!!

And yeah, you rule! :D

sunny said...

Ooohhh, sorry Genie!
I've written it already but waiting for a suitable date to get it out...a bit more patience please.:)
And thanks for the compliment!

Gen said...

And thats what I dont have at all... any article about my team, and I can wait ?

Next match is on Aug 12, after dayssss... and that too we are gonna lose badly so that way you can never find 'suitable date' :P

sunny said...

But I can write about them losing :P
Hmm, okay let me try and edit it and publish it tomorrow..I'll try!