Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Stanis on the loose

Not a match report this time around because it wouldn’t be any good to post one of a match which was almost a replica of yesterday’s. Shahzaib Hassan again got out for a duck and Nannes was the only bloke to be not out. And the scores weren’t that much different.

What was noticeable though :
* Our fisherman of the previous post managed to catch a sardine.
* Pup made a quick 30, which means the selectors aren’t firing him anytime in near future.
* The Aussies didn’t want to treat the match as a real game, shuffled the batting order, and thus got rightfully spanked for underestimating the Stanis.
* Aamer is a guy who can bowl seriously well. He might be the world’s best bowler after five years and even then he will only be seventeen.
* Afridi takes adrenaline tablets before a game so he can keep working like a crazy clockwork.
* The Stanis won two games in a row, which is queer, because they normally dictate over the inconsistency badge. They might even win the next 10 games against the Aussies now.

Everyone will be talking now of how the Stanis have bagged that coveted, ruby-enveloped jackpot called ‘momentum’ and of how they might finally win a Test series. One thing however; momentum has never been an issue for the Stanis. They have been known to conjure it up when there was none, and also have been known to squander it even though the momentum was falling out of their pockets. They love to keep you guessing.


Stani Army said...

Thanks for making the changes Sunny, I do appreciate it. It's much easier to comment now, for me and others I'm sure.

I don't think they should discard Shahzaib yet. They have some games coming up against England and they need to put him back in the middle to really have a good look. I think he played two rash strokes, probably because of nerves. A little word and I'm sure we'll be seeing better from him.

I was surprised they dropped Watson...surprised but happy. Only if they had dropped him from a greater height from the scaffolding those builders were standing on for the new stand. Harsh? No.

sunny said...

No problem, Stani Army.
I haven't been able to watch much of Shahzaib yet, but these continuous shufflings up the order are irritating me. They never give one player enough opportunity I feel.
And of course you aren't being harsh about Watto. Maybe if he has a good fall he won't be able to make such petulant faces again. :P

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Watto was rested before the Tests, so yes they didn't take it seriously. Loved O'Threefe.

sunny said...

Well they've learned their lesson then for taking the Stanis to be easy, Wes.
Yeah, O'Keefe was impressive and he's got a nice rhyming name.
And why did it take a while to see you again Wes? :P