Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Vindictive Tigers

We all knew from a while something was wrong with English cricket. The T20 World Cup victory, the series win against the wasn’t really normal. We nearly got deluded into believing the Pommies were a resurrected unit out on a kill, but the Bangla Tigers pulled them down with a big bite in their bottoms. And it hurt.

A total of 236 looked a bit mediocre, but so did England’s batsmen. They faltered and floundered, and it was all left to Good Old Man Trott to save them from a humiliating defeat. Save the Banglas of course. He made a good job of it, and though momentarily acting to take the game away for the Pommies, he delighted hordes of cricket fans with that last-over cut.

The Banglas went berserk and their coach remembered how to smile; after 247 days without a win he nearly forgot how to. If now the Banglas manage to clinch the series it will be a phenomenal memory and victory, one which I hope will start the steady decline of the Pommies back to the ODI unit they used to be, at least until after the next World Cup. Apologies for the meanness.

Anyway, yesterday was a good day.


Stani Army said...

Mistakes everywhere Sunny. Bangladesh beat The Rest of the World, not England. Really, go through that team...Morgan, Trott, Kieswetter, Strauss..... Don't worry English fans, you can rest easy. I can apologise on behalf of Sunny. I say Rest of the World but it's more like Soufrica no?

sunny said...

Now, now, you shouldn't think I didn't remember that while writing this post, but there's a particular kind of fun in writing Pommies and then bashing them.
And rest of the world would be better because there's an Irish and Stani player now involved as well.