Saturday, 24 July 2010

Pakistan failed...

...but nearly succeeded in messing up this Test match.
It means they’ve won their first Test against Australia since 1995 and that’s 15 bloody years.
That they have won today means so much that I don’t know what to write about it. Let’s just say they were friggin brilliant with the bowling, typically clumsy with the batting and in the process of winning the match, remained awesomely wholesomely Pakistani.
But for now, it’s time I get myself a pyala of chay and a box of mithai.
After all, Pakistan winning is such a rare treat.

This is a picture I have to get framed.


Stani Army said...


I hate mithai! Wooooooo! You know they say what goes around comes think we will dominate Australia for the next 15 years now?

Didn't know you was so fond of Ricky. What will Smithy say? Hmmm, Sunny has a new 'captain' :)

sunny said...

Oh, you're so absolutely mean Stani.
Besides, Ricky is crying there, so the only reason I want to get it framed is because I like to see him unhappy, okay?
And another clarification, I don't like Buffalo, just as Purna doesn't. He is another unlovable guy.

Now I'm going to send 2 tonnes of mithai to your place and you'll have to finish them all as a punishment. (and to be honest, I hate mithai as well, I was just trying to act Stani there).