Friday, 2 July 2010

When the Stanis got caught: Part Two

The PCB does want them to suffer the same fate as King Louis V, but constable Beefy Butt realises that his job will be finished as there will be no Stanis to harass for a while then.

So the PCB police then uses its traditional methodology of scaring the crap out of the Stanis. First they put the Heretic’s fork on a table and then the tongue-ripper for naughty boys who tell cock and bull stories, which makes the Akmal bros have a nasty shiver. Afridi just looks indifferently away. After all, his sniffing-ball explanation was so smart it would have made Holmes look like a dotard.

Then a thumb cruncher for obese fingerlickers, an eye-pincher for little guys that ogle ladies and finally the big burping machine which swallows you up and makes you disappear from a cricket pitch for years (I’m telling you, they made Imran Nazir disappear by this. And probably MoYo as well). They tell them stories of Jack the Ripper and Khan the Mongol, tell them how they will end up like fruity red pulp, how the Aussies are coming this summer again...

Of course the Stanis aren’t detained. They never are. They are again hopping around like the four sillies in the Wizard of Oz, except for Younis. The PCB police said he’d been a bad egg and they still had to spank him with all the bats he ever got centuries off. And all what Afridi could say is that he bloody can’t do anything about it. Shame on you, Shahid.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny, sorry it's taken me a day or two. Explanation back at my blog! Anyway, the posts are good. Funny and show you know what's going on in the cricket world. Love Afridi always looking away in this one btw. Does that mean you're not a fan?

Also, they are a good length. It might be just me, but I have a tonne of blogs to scroll through every week and if a post is too long I often only skim it. You'll notice my posts are rarely too long because I assume everyone else is the same! Yours are just the right length.

I like.

sunny said...

Thanks a million Sid!
Yeah, I was waiting, but no problem, I understand you must have been busy.
True, I tend to do the same with unending posts and that's why I never miss any of your stuff.:)
And me an Afridi fan? Haven't decided yet, but always nice to take a dig at him. He's such a clown then at times..

Anonymous said...

Great to see such a great post on PCB:) These people really suck.

Meanwhile, Sunny, I have a blog on Cricket, hope you will like it:) can we join hands to support each other?
Here is the link:

sunny said...

Hello there cricroad!
Thanks for dropping in and having a read.
I checked out your blog and it's thoroughly informative.
I'll blogroll you and would be glad if you did the same!:)
Hope to have you back here.

Anonymous said...

And after I wrote that comment, I went and wrote a way too long post at my own blog! Couldn't help it, Australia were playing crap again and it got me a pondering.

Cricroad, I will check you out as well.

sunny said...

Seriously Sid, when I went out to check out your blog today, I thought the same. :)
But it's okay when you're a despondent spectator, it reduces the irritation a bit.