Thursday, 22 July 2010

Believe it or not, Pakistan can bowl

After the Pakistani bowlers had finished eating at the innards of the Aussie batsmen yesterday, the scorecard read 88 all out.

Print it out, get it framed and put it in your decoration cupboard. It’s something you might not see again for 50 years.

You also might want to put a picture besides it of how the Aussie batting line-up looked after the job was done: But don’t do it if you’re a proud Aussie supporter. If you are, lock the scorecard away in Davy Jones’ locker and sink it to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
But even if you forget the batting, remember the bowling.
It was bowling that overmastered the batting in every way.
It was a memorable thing, a rare treat for Test lovers.


Stani Army said...

No they can't :(

sunny said...

Stani! Are you trying to be humble here or what?
They can bowl bloody good! Be a proud supporter for a day, you don't get the chance always. :P

Stani Army said...

There's not an ounce of pride in me I'm afraid.

Humble? Yes :)

They et 'em have too many 2nd innings Sunny

sunny said...

But come on, only 40 to go now, they should win this.
Planning your celebrations already?

Anonymous said...

Stani, deny it though he may, is just like me. He doesn't want to gush about his players for fear it will jinx them.

Or maybe he is just a nice guy and doesn't want to wallow in someone else's (my) misery. Is it possible ...?

sunny said...

I don't think the latter is possible.
It's like you, me and most supporters-not praising in fear of jinxing your team. Why, I even try not to think of how well they are doing!