Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The eye popper is leaving us

I missed a whole lot of Murali’s career. When I got hooked on cricket, the first thing that awed me was that those bulging tennis balls in his sockets were as impressive as his mysterious bowling.
(I meant to insert a self-made picture of Murali here, but blogger was stubborn in the uploading of it. Maybe it was too hideous?:( )

We all will remember Murali as the spinner who overtook Warnie’s record, the bowler who has been lambasted and criticised for his controversial bowling action, and the player that gave Sri Lankan cricket a more fascinating image. They will be less likeable without the oldie’s presence.

But in my view, Murali was an eerie assassin on the pitch, who loved to captivate his victim by showing eyes that spoke of cannibalism (please, don’t take this literally) and even having got his opponent, revealed no more emotion than an obscure smile. He may not have been a Hitman, but he definitely went well under the title of a silent assassin.
And now at the end of this post I realise it looks more a funeral eulogy than a tribute. Whatever.

Ciao, Murali.


Stani Army said...

R.I.P Murali (Just kidding Sunny!)

What a true great he was. Nothing wrong with his bowling action. Nobody else cried so much apart from the Aussies. Warne bias?

The simple fact is that cricket's outdated laws had not encompassed such a genius.

sunny said...

That's the way to say it, Stani.
I've never been bothered to look too closely in all of his bowling controversy, but many will be ready to use it as an excuse or reason to rate him less than Warne.

Will always remain a legend in my view, though.