Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Day with the Proteas

Hello folks!

Today here at Dummy-tv we are going to spend a day with the wonderful Proteas who had a terrible season. We’ll stick with them at the signing session, golf day and CSA awards until we get kicked out. Of course we won’t let them till after dinner and you have to understand why and we’re very excited since we saw this board:

So now here at the signing session we’ll have a word with Hash..oh wait, we see Roelfie standing in a corner and sulking, we’ll talk with him first.

D-tv: Hello, what’s the matter?
Roelfie: Dey toyld me do dake my Plotea chirt off...
D-tv: We don’t get you, wouldn’t it be better to take your thumb out of your mouth first? Yeah, that way. Thank you. So what were you saying?
Roelfie: They asked me to take my Protea shirt off, as everyone else was dressed casually. But they don’t get it...
D-tv: They don’t get what?
Roelfie: How terrible it is to haven’t worn it almost for the entire year, I miss the shirt okay? Now please let me cry ahead...
Okay, we won’t disturb this gentleman anymore, and now we’ll just show you the new cricket gear that’s just arrived from the laundry.

We tried to cheer Roelfie up by saying we'll take a photo of him.

We’re off to the golf now and see how good the Saffers are at imitating Tiger Woods.
Doesn’t look like they’re too successful at it; Jakes and Biff have been riding around in golf carts since we arrived and won’t get out. And ayayay..what do we see now, AB has hit Bouch in the eye with his stick..they’re trying to relocate his eye now. Disgusting stuff.

If you play golf standing in one line, there are bound to be accidents.

Now for the big thing, the CSA awards!
We’ll stroll around a bit and try talking with a few Proteas...oh there’s Rusty, let’s catch him. Wait, it’s better we don’t, he looks like he can’t smile and he's trying to be James Bond and that’s a dangerous thing.

WARNING: Stay away from this freak

So people have started to leave, we’ve done our dinner and now we’re going! We’ve also got a competition for today’s show, and it’s related to this picture.
Can you guess who he is and what’s he doing? No, you won’t win a prize, but what the heck! Can’t you at least give it a try?


Stani Army said...

Its Graeme Smith in pic 5...and he's praying, praying that no one else sees the menu in pic one, especially tubby van der Merwe in pic 2 and tubby Jacques in pic 4. He's managed to send everyone else out to golf in pic 3 and as far away from the canteen as he can. Am I close? Prize please?

sunny said...

Stani, how can Smith have such a small butt, can't you use common sense! So rule out Jakes and Roelfie already too.
No prize for now, try again. :P

Stani Army said...

For some reason, I'm never one to pay keen attention to guys butts.

...I thought you had used photoshop on his butt to shrink it in order for blogger to accept it? Prize?

So tell us how you know so much about Smith's butt anyway? Tell the truth.

sunny said...

Oh, Stani, please. I'm not keen at paying attention either, but the fact that Smith is FAT is something we all know. Use common sense that way, okay.
And I won't waste my time using Photoshop for such things. You lose again. :P

Purna said...

What is the matter with Rusty!

Also, that ass is epic. Has to be the fat buffalo.

Or Paul Harris...

sunny said...

Nooo, come on, at least you should have known Purna.
I said rule out all the fat guys.
Three more chances and I´ll take the prize myself.
(though I´m a bit confused myself)

Purna said...


sunny said...

Naah..not Morne.
I think I'll have to answer myself and take the prize..
Everyone give up?

Purna said...

how do we know you have the correct answer? :P

sunny said...

See, if you've viewed the gallery from where the picture has been taken, I can provide a few good assumptions. :)