Thursday, 15 July 2010

Batting scares the Stanis

I don’t know what the Stani batsmen think about a bat. They might consider it to be a baguette, a lollipop or a flamingo that the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland uses. It can be anything but what you use a bat for.

They all got out for 148, which shouldn’t surprise us. They most of the time bat either like they’re alien to batting or are a group of pundits missing the news bulletin. But when they did it yesterday, it’s got two reasons for being absolutely outrageous.

Number one, it’s a shame when you do it after your bowlers do so phenomenally well.
It’s like co-working on an assignment and after the first student has done his job, the other gets bored and thinks making paper airplanes out of it will be more interesting.
And then they wonder why the Stanis are always fighting with each other.

Secondly, they allowed Shane Watson to be the bowling hero and their tormentor. If you collapse like a cardhouse against bowlers like Murali or Steyn, it’s understandable. But Watto? No. If you play a blind mice’s game of Watto’s bowling then you’re no good at cricket. And now he’s even got his name on the Lord’s honour board.

Shame on you Stani batsmen, shame on you. Go to the mountains of Tibet and try to be religious hermits for a while.


Stani Army said...

Our batsmen have always bee making paper planes whilst our bowlers are busy putting in the hard graft. That's why the all-rounder position is so vital to Pakistan's success and we don't have many around nowadays I'm afraid.

Hopefully they've run out of paper this time around and decide to use their bats to make the ball do some flying.

Don't you think Watson looks like Patrick Swayze? (Sorry Patrick)

sunny said...

Well, it didn't happen then Stani, as expected.
And Afridi to retire now, all just so crazy.

Nah, Watson doesn't really look like Swayze I think, but the character who he does look like popped in my head a few weeks ago, and I might have a post about it this week. :)

CricRoad said...

Well, Sunny, I wonder why the hell this happens with Pak team?? The captains retire during an ongoing series??

Is this a gully-mohalla cricket team? Its your national team guys, come on. you can not wake up and say I quit captaincy in the middle of the series. And\ its a long tour, 4 tests and 5 odis against england are also on cards. And not a good start of the summer, after winning the t20 series...:(

And sunny, I have blogrolled this blog on Cricroad...:)

sunny said...

Hello there Cricroad!

That's so right what you said, this unpredictable behaviour is starting to annoy me now.
Afridi should have waited till the Test series are over at least.

And thanks for the blogrolling!