Who and What.

For a long time, I thought writing an About page was rubbish.
Mainly because I thought nobody but sneaky noseypokes care and mainly because I thought I always had better things to do. Like drinking tea while gobbling nachos or trying to finish off the marshmallow monster in Ghostbusters on PS2.

But then some considered me to be a bloke and others an Indian cricket nut. I couldn't live with these muddled assumptions about my identity; it's plainly horrible.

So hello, I'm Sunny and I'm a girl who loves cricket. Oh yes, it's a horrible discovery for misogynists and blokes who think females shouldn't even touch cricket with a broomstick. But that's how it is, girls can love cricket too. Therefore Cricinfo not having a single woman writer among their senior wordsmiths morphs me briefly into a bogeyman. Don't run cowards, I'm Sunny again.

Bits about me, only if you want to know:

* In regard to the nationality thingy, I'm not Indian. Neither am I Uzbekistani. Neither am I an Eskimo living in refrigerator land who'd agree Sachin Tendulkar was a rockstar from the 1980s rather than a top cricket batsman. I'm just Dutch and Pakistani and that makes me too complicated for you to understand. For your ease, you can call me Putch.
* I support South Africa. You can blame it on globalization if you want because I'm also fond of French baguette and Turkish lamps.
* In my brief cricket career I marvelously failed at being an allrounder but yet got invited for playing for the Belgian National Women team. Be very jealous now because I'm not joking.
* In another life I try to outwit all the nerds at school and occasionally study, read a book or do some art, which is why I don't do 20 posts a day.

And about this place:

* It isn't very informative, neither does it need to be when you've got bloody awesome Cricinfo and tons of other places which are very serious about cricket. So I tell myself: 'Hell yeah, writing drivel is so much easier and fun, let's do that.'
* There might mostly be Saffa and Stani stuff on here, but other than that I write on any cricket news that interests me.
* The day that I start planning I might come up with a few regulars and campaigns; like 'cricket is better than football' and 'cricket was invented by the Belgian folks'. Don't tell me you didn't know about the last thing.

Besides this, I officially blame Purna, Sid and Wes for dragging me into the cricket blogosphere.

So that's that; have a read if you want and with a comment I'd be pleased too. I don't bite.

Cheers folks,