Thursday, 30 September 2010

It's Australia vs India. It's Epic.

It's those times of the year again when India will be playing Australia. Or Australia playing India.
Cricinfo tells you to 'whet your appetite' for this fantastic contest because this is going to more epic than Mickey Mouse killing Goliath. How many double tons will Tendulkar score? How many more times will Bhajji get Punter's wicket? Will Roy appear from beneath the pitch with his super human abducting machine and take his best friend to the Planet of Apes? Will we see Matthew Hayden in the commentary box?

Don't get too ahead of yourselves. Bhajji might not even play which means half of these events can't happen. Bhajji is such an influencing obnoxious weed that we need him everywhere for the grand entertainment.
Secondly, Ricky has emphasized that he wants these series to be played in the 'right spirit of cricket'.

"You've got to expect that it's going to be a fierce contest because you've got two very good teams playing international sport. But both teams will understand that they can't overstep the line. There's enough negativity around the world at the moment about international cricket that we have to do the best we can in this series to ensure that people want to watch the game again. There's no doubt that things have been tarnished a bit the last few weeks."

So that's Ricky for you saying he will have nothing to do with any monkey business. Cricket's life is at stake here so understand how crucial everything is.

"What? Me sledging? I don't even spit in my hands anymore, I've got a contract with the Pope you know."
I wonder how the Indians are going to deal with this. They might be getting a ton of inspiration and ideas from the Chennai Super Kings who won two trophies in one year. Be ready to see replications like these:

Playing like total SUPER kings.


Stani Army said...

500 plays 500, and after 5 days, no one wins.

Anonymous said...

That's about the size of it Stani.

And Sunny, the right spirit of the game stuff went out the window pretty quick, although to be fair Punter was only responding to someone else.

It's the classic "he started it!" defense. It works every time.

Stani Army said...

I was close eh?

Zaheer used to be a nice guy. See what the influence of Harbhajan and Gambhir does? Punter's no angel himself mind.

I do think modern male cricketers are right pathetic knobs though. Ooo, hard men....not. Twats

sunny said...

Sorry for the late replies, but at least I can say now you've been proved wrong Stani. This has turned out to be a hell of an interesting test.

Yeah, you're right about the defense thing Sid. I feel cricketers should talk less about the spirit of the game and show it more practically. Though I don't mind some occasional expression of aggressiveness as long as things don't get really ugly.

Stani Army said...

...well you said it would be a draw too :P

Guess I'm not the only one proved wrong?

Anonymous said...

I was certain it would be a draw. What a match it turned out to be though, huh? Pity we couldn't take the win in the end though.

Sunny, I say if the umpire has to get involved it's gone too far. Otherwise, it's a bit of harmless banter.