Monday, 4 October 2010

When the Gunther was nearly gone

Andre Nel can't stay out of the headlines despite getting retired. And this time it isn't the typical story of his evil Gunther going berserk and consequently cannoning spitballs at opponents, it's one where the Gunther tried to kill Nel himself. Yes, he attempted to commit suicide but failed.

Not funny.

Nel/Gunther and suicide don't fit quite together. No person for that matter, but Nel in particular not. He'd seem more like the bloke who'd be able to run suicide therapies or become a Samaritan's worker, running all over the world and snatching the nooses from people's necks.

No, he didn't put the knife that way.

So Nel, what you did before the suicide might have been an utterly senseless and stupid thing to do, and some media folks might be worse than stinking hounds, but suicide? No please.

And now I just read that a buddy of notorious fixer Mazhar Majeed commmited suicide. Suicide appearing twice in cricket in three days is just not good. Not good at all.


Sanya - England Cricket Blog ( said...

Nel suicide? Really!?! I think suicide has a lot to do with fiction and stuff, you know? How many people would think 'bout it if they wouldn't hear 'bout anyone committing suicide? What if they had never heard of committing suicide through the newspaper and especially tv news (which manipulates the human mind into thinking negatively)? And what if they had never seen anyone committing suicide in movies or tv shows? Would they ever think 'bout killing themselves? Is Cricket SA to be blamed? Don't you think he's a better player than the treatment he got?

Stani Army said...

Why cheat on your wife though? I have no sympathy for him. All my sympathy goes to his wife and kid.

And I thought only footballers did this kind of thing. What is wrong with some men?

But who tried to commit suicide? Was it Gunther or Nel? Or did Nel try to kill Gunter? Then it's not suicide is it?

sunny said...

Well you made an interesting point there Sanya. I wouldn't say you can blame the media alone when it comes to suicide, it's something which happened in the past too, but yes, the circulation of such stories more often can be a reason why suicide is more prevalent these days.
CSA doesn't exactly have a say in his personal affairs and it are these because of which he wanted to commit suicide so I won't say they can be blamed exactly. And if you're talking about his cricket career, Nel was a hard working bloke but there was better and younger talent bursting through so he couldn't retain his place.

sunny said...

To be honest Stani, I thought the same and was about to write such too, but then declined.

Wrong? It's just that people don't think twice before they do something very often I think. Or they don't really think it's bad what they're doing.'s complex. Nel and Gunther might have merged together at the time or maybe Gunther decided to leave Nel's body which would automatically leave the latter dead. They're inseparable you know.

Sanya - England Cricket Blog ( said...

Yeah, CSA cannot really be blamed. And media does play a role but obviously one only thinks about it when there is no hope in life. But why would anyone do it? I mean when life gets hard, people try to fight back or even runaway but killing oneself seems so easy and things which become common are followed. Homosexuality is common, so it's considered normal, bisexuality is becoming a trend...know what I mean?

Sanya - England Cricket Blog ( said...

Somehow, I can be rather disagreeable. I agree with your whole comment, except one thing....obviously I dunno as much 'bout South African cricket as you do, but I don't think he should have been dropped when he was, in fact, quite a few times, he was probably dropped for things other than his bowling, his behaviour and stuff...sometimes it seemed bizarre.