Monday, 30 August 2010

7 reasons why match fixing sucks

Here’s why match fixing or spot fixing or whatever fixing sucks more than Jacques Kallis would at ballet dancing:

1- Cricket becomes pointless, unrealistic and predetermined just like seeing how the good guy in a movie gets brazen by three bullets through the heart and continues to knock the villains around with kung fu moves. You think you’ve watched a bloody awesome cliffhanger of a match before someone tells you the bookies had it all arranged that way. I feel like vomiting the match.

2- It tarnishes the reputation of the game I love, you love and so many do. It gets folks away from cricket. How the hell am I to win in my campaign of getting cricket to become more popular than football then?

3- A whole cargo of new investigations arrives to get started and now the questions come pouring: What have they found so far? When will we get answers? Are they going to dig up Bob Woolmer’s case up again? Goodness, as if there’s not already enough to worry about in life.

4- Match/spot-fixing is cheating and cheating sucks whether you do at school when trying to copy from the study nerd besides you or on a cricket pitch.

5- Dirty money dealing is already taking over the world, and match fixing is part of it. It’s spitting in the face of honest breadwinners.

6- Dozens of other suspicious matches have to come under scrutiny and you wonder whether it hadn’t been better to have listened to your mom when she warned you not to sneak out of bed at night to watch a game, since all those matches might have been fixed.

7- The world economy is already in the doldrums and match fixing just worsens the food crisis as vegetables are used for player persecution. The animal industry also suffers as even donkeys are not spared.

Conclusion: the fixing business sucks. 'Nuff said.

                                                  Yeah, thumbs down for it.


Stani Army said...

Americans would love it. Just like WWE it would be.

So you've been ballet with Jacques? Does Smithy know?

sunny said...

I haven't been so there's nothing for Smithy to know. Though I can tell you it would be nice to get him ballet shoes on and then deliberately topple him over.

Stani Army said...

Yeh, bet you'd love that. Bit of rough and tumble hey? ;)