Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cheer Stumpy the Mascot

You know we’ve got an adorable little elephant as our 2011 World Cup mascot. You probably also know the ICC had a competition where people could send suggestions for its name. What I didn’t know and neither did you, is that they would pick the formidable name of Stumpy.

There you are, Stumpy. It’s got a touch of cricket to it, hasn’t it? Reminds me slightly of wickets, but more than that of a whole lot of other derivations. Characteristics that certainly don’t match with those the ICC wanted to see in this very good elephant. Among other things it reminds me of a bamboozled cartoon who appears in a TV series for toddlers. And if the pronunciation is slightly altered, it becomes ‘Stoompy’ which in Dutch slang means a stupid chump. You think I should tell the ICC?

What vexes me more, is the unoriginality of the whole thing. Since when did you get names by adding a simple y at the end? (please don’t think now I wanted to be a sun and therefore added y to my name). Why not name him SquareCutter or Wicked Wickety Wick then? I think ‘Play-scoopshot-and-fall-flat-on-your-face-y’ would be a nice name too.

I’m glad I didn’t participate in this bloody competition. Because the ICC cheated and gave the price to a pair of wickets with a y at the end.


Stani Army said...

Yeh, that's what I thought. What has 'Stumpy' got to do with the Elephant? They could have called it 'Inzi' or 'Yuvi'. See, if I knew of the comp I would have won it isn't that right Sunny?

I think whoever chose this is a stoompy :) and I completely agree with your pointy about the y.

sunny said...

Stumpy hasn't got anything to do with an elephant neither with Asia.

Stani, both Inzi and Yuvi are wrong, they end in 'i' and well..um..they aren't 10 year old, which the elephant is. So you failed.

Oh and did I tell you you actually write it as 'Stoempie' but pronounce it Stoompy. :)

Stani Army said...

No you didn't. Your fault.

Obviously I would have entered 'Inzy' and 'Yuvy' :)....seeing the size of the elephant, maybe even 'Sunny' :)

sunny said...

Sunny? What are you suggesting there, that I'm as obese as that thing?

Purna said...

Okay, this is even worst than Appu which I heard was the original suggestion.

Why is this elephant BLUE!

sunny said...

Purna, it seems like the ICC is totally devoid of imagination. Aloo would have been a better name and pink would have been nicer.