Friday, 20 August 2010

For MoYo and Ali

I thought we’d be seeing another familiar batting flop from the Stani batsmen, but they managed to cross 300. Now after how long we’ve seen this happen?

Say what you like, but MoYo has got plenty to do with it. He gave a handy contribution and brings some serenity to this crazy hot-blooded team.

As for Ali, well lad, first give Asif a whack with the bat if you want for not staying on and letting you score a maiden ton. Secondly, well played.

As a reward for you two good boys, I’m putting here painted pictures.

                                                     Azhar Ali hitting one away

                                                          MoYo gracefully doing the job


Stani Army said...

You didnt paint those!!!

I think Azhar was very selfless and brave by giving the strike to Asif. You could have forgiven the guy for trying to take strike and take ages for his maiden ton but he not only turned over the strike, he played aggressively for the team also to pick up those extra boundaries.

How easy on the eye is Yousuf?!

sunny said...

Own up you're just jealous of my art capabilites Stani.

Did I blame Azhar somewhere? Was talking about Asif..and I'm only a spectator through Cricinfo these days so can't get into details. :(

Yeah, Yousuf looks even better in the painting, doesn't he?